Ravelympics update day…

Wait, what day is it???  Yeah, thats how I feel.  Day 11, that’s right.

We’ve had some team updates from over the weekend that I wanted to get posted.  Everyone is moving right along!

Ummeyusuf has finished a beautiful baby surprise jacket.  She is also well into a knit and crochet cardigan for her daughter.  From what I hear, she has only the sleeves left on that one.  She is moving right along!

Sarah has a good portion of her scarf done, I can tell that less work agrees with her.

I just love the jojoland melody color changes, so pretty!

My sweater was blocked last night.  I am happy to report that I gained about 3 inches in length and at least an inch around the body of it, so it should fit my bust with the buttons on, a fact I was worried about.  I could feel the yarn loosen as it hit the water, so I got to feeling pretty good about it even before I blocked it.  Looked great blocking, and fit wonderfully this morning when I put it on.  I brought it to work so I could sew the buttons on, and today some time I should have a finished object.  From there, for me, it is WIP wrestling and stitches preparation.  ( you can even see my red stitches swatch blocking at the bottom of my sweater).

Savasana’s Stumble

(Shells:  I thought this was too good a stumble not to post, since we have all been there!  Plus, she did such an awesome write up and photo documentation, it would be a waste if it wasn’t blogged.)

From Sav:

I’ve been a bit behind on updates and that happened for a reason. I made a ridiculously stupid mistake. I didn’t want to post about it until I had it all under control again but I photo documented my little journey into frog land.

So you see the sock. The bottom of the sock to be precise. You might even think it is a nice looking sock. Until you remember that I’m doing a RIBBED pattern!! Yepper, after knitting in the scrap to hold the placement for the heel, I continued in stockinette on half of the sock. The front side is all nice and ribbed….the back side…..not so much! Thus…..I frogged.

And lost two days of knitting. After frogging I couldn’t even face it; picking up the stitches was absolute torture because I have had very very little experience with it and never with such tiny stitches.

Matilda helped by supervising and she didn’t even once tell me how silly I was to do something so ridiculous. But look at that giant ball of yarn! Gah!

But the good news?! I finished the first sock today and it fits my sister beautifully! Hooray!

And I’ve even started the second sock.

I’m going to try to practice project monogamy this week though so that I can finish Friday or Saturday (more likely); I don’t want to rush at the end. I shall try very hard to ignore my Noro scarf that I am thoroughly enamored with, the STR pair for myself….and now that Nick’s socks are essentially finished (whole other horror story there), they won’t distract me either.