Ravelympics update day…

Wait, what day is it???  Yeah, thats how I feel.  Day 11, that’s right.

We’ve had some team updates from over the weekend that I wanted to get posted.  Everyone is moving right along!

Ummeyusuf has finished a beautiful baby surprise jacket.  She is also well into a knit and crochet cardigan for her daughter.  From what I hear, she has only the sleeves left on that one.  She is moving right along!

Sarah has a good portion of her scarf done, I can tell that less work agrees with her.

I just love the jojoland melody color changes, so pretty!

My sweater was blocked last night.  I am happy to report that I gained about 3 inches in length and at least an inch around the body of it, so it should fit my bust with the buttons on, a fact I was worried about.  I could feel the yarn loosen as it hit the water, so I got to feeling pretty good about it even before I blocked it.  Looked great blocking, and fit wonderfully this morning when I put it on.  I brought it to work so I could sew the buttons on, and today some time I should have a finished object.  From there, for me, it is WIP wrestling and stitches preparation.  ( you can even see my red stitches swatch blocking at the bottom of my sweater).

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