The post you’ve all been waiting for.

My ravelympics project, February Lady Sweater, is done. I finally sewed the buttons on last evening and then had favorite coworker take pictures today.

I modified this pattern heavily so I should probably document what I did. I knit 10 rows of garter stitch and then did the rest of the top in stockinette. I used yarn over’s for the raglan increases rather than make ones. I thought that the openness of the lace could accommodate that and that it might look interesting. I also used yarn overs for the eyelet row, as written in the pattern. Rather than beginning the lace pattern at the armpits, I continued in stockinette down over my bust as aesthetically I did not care for the look of the sweater stopping above the bust on people who are not quite flat chested. I added an additional buttonhole for a total of 4 buttons since my stockinette area was longer.

I used “Dream in color classy” in colorway Beach Fog. This yarn opened up quite a bit during blocking, I gained at least 3 inches in length and an inch or more in width. Which was necessary as it was too small when I tried it on pre blocking. Good thing I washed and blocked that swatch huh?

What I have learned….

I am just not good at project monogamy. People are sometimes awed at how fast and how much I knit. I now know the reason I knit so much and so fast is due to the ADD nature in me, always wanting to look at something new. Otherwise I would stall out on projects and leave them be for a long time. So though I can finish a sweater in a month, it is not, for me, advisable. Also, going back to a partly finished project is just as satisfying for me as a brand new project with new yarn, as evidenced in the completion of the montego bay scarf.

And without further ado….the pictures.  Please forgive the goofy look, favorite coworker was saying something funny, I forget what, and now I look strange.

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