Ravelympics finish line

Yes, it has been over for a couple days now, but I didn’t have the chance to post about it.  I did though, want to post a wrap up featuring the beautiful work of my dear teammates, since you have already seen the February Lady Sweater of my own.

Let’s start with Phyllis, who completed a lace shawl and a hat during the ravelympics.

(The hat featured completely reversible cables, how cook is that?

Next up Sarah with her scarf that I am sure she thought would never end.

Turned out beautifully, great stitch definition, the cables and lace combination is stunning!

Savasana made some already well loved socks for her sister, and they are fantastic!

I think the matching heels, toes, and ribbing is just the cutest thing!

And Ummeyusuf really cleaned up despite a computer disaster.  Her knit and crochet yoke sweater is done though I hear she is still WIP wrestling despite the ravelympics being done.  I wish her luck as I know that this time of year is busy for her!

So there you have it!  That draws us to the close of 17 days of intense knitting and project completing.  Thank you to my teammates for allowing me to use their pictures and links for my blog.

2 thoughts on “Ravelympics finish line

  1. Well geeze Louise, we are so awesome LOL!! I second Phy and say thank you so much for being our leader! I’m really glad as well though that there is another two years before this comes around again…but I’m *totally* in for a sweater next time! So it will be two years of intense training for me lol!

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