My Wollmeise Fairy

She has struck again!  She is quite amazing as she struck 3 people at once this time.   That is a lot of wollmeise fey she has to be able to gift skeins to 3 different people.  I do so love her!  Her generosity is quite amazing.  I think it is wonderful that she wants to share the wollmeise love.

Let me show you what she sent this time…

Aren’t they just so gorgeous and rich in color?  My coworkers loved it, and I was amazed to see them both hold it up to their nose and smell it.  Later the new coworker (whom I shall call crafty coworker from now on) came back to smell it again.  And my faculty would come over and feel it and admire how the colors all blended in to one another.  See?  Even non yarnies aren’t immune to the love of this yarn.

Included in the package was a pair of monkeys to add to my collection.

They are so pretty and soft!  They are made out of Lorna’s Laces in Georgetown colorway.  I am currently knitting monkeys in Lorna’s Laces Childsplay and the yarn feels completely different to knit with than it feels in washed and blocked socks!  They are a lot softer upon finishing.  And can you believe these are one of the very first pairs of socks she ever knit?  They are perfect I tell ya, not a flaw in ’em.

She also sent along some nice soap and some of the fruitiest flavored dark chocolate (guess why I can’t show you that!) and a keychain mini sock blocker and patterns for a sock.  So cute!

Thank you wollmeise fairy for your incredibly generous spirit!

And….as a side note…I scored another skein of wollmeise in trade for my handspun!  Who knew that it was worthy of wollmeise!

2 thoughts on “My Wollmeise Fairy

  1. Ahem…um…there are um….maybe one or two mistakes in the monkeys if you look really closely ROFL!! But don’t look closely, m’kay? 😀

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