Everytime I think about my favorite cast on learned from stitches, I say it in my head in a very “teenage mutant ninja turtles” way.

Monday night I started another sweater for J.  I had bought the yarn some time ago to experiment with some designing, but soon found out that what he wanted to design and the yarn I had picked certainly did not go together.  So the yarn sat in stash for a bit, until I saw Ummeyusuf’s cricket pullover.  Then I started to think…upsized for a man, with the colors I had chosen for the designing, and only adding a bit of another color I already had in stash and I’d have myself a rather nice sweater for J.  I patiently waited for stitches to be over with to cast on, but Monday evening had me raring to go!  Plus I got to practice my TUBULAR!!! cast on.

I’ve made some changes of course, I started with a 1×1 rib.  I began the cable pattern when I increased for the body of the sweater.  I then had to do the math so that the darkest gray line had a cable in the middle of it and work it accordingly.  Those of you who know me understand that so much math was a stretch.  I’d rather knit willy nilly and forget the math.  But I did it, as I wanted it set up right.

I am a bit concerned about what happens at the neckline, but figure I’ll worry about that when I get there.  All in all I think this is great progress for 3 evenings of knitting.

I am attempting to keep this one quiet but I might get too excited over it and show him ahead of time.  Verdict is still out on that.

2 thoughts on “Tubular!

  1. First of all, Ummeyusuf’s sweater is bloody adorable! I LOVE it! Second of all, you are so damn fast! Thirdly, I really think J is going to appreciate all the math; you definitely have to bring that up at whichever point he finds out about the sweater lol! Finally, it is beautiful!

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