Somebody STOP me!!!

I can’t stop with the Monkey socks.  I seriously cannot.  They keep my attention so well but are totally mindless.  I can knit them in the dark and with my eyes closed.  Love the Monkeys.

There is proof.

Lorna’s Laces Shepherd sock in colorway Childsplay.  It ended up being a great pattern for this particular yarn since it wanted to pool so badly with other patterns.

I have the Bug hard at work balling up my La Digitessa wollmeise yarn.  Those are next on the list.  And the Francies for grandpa are headed to work to be finished up.  Life is good.

Did I mention that Bug learned the half hitch cast on Monday evening?  She has practiced it every night since.  I’ll have her knitting in no time!  She really gets it, she gets which direction the yarn has to go and how the needle needs to go up under the yarn for the twist.  I was very impressed.

4 thoughts on “Somebody STOP me!!!

  1. You are so right, monkey was a perfect pattern for that yarn; they rock! I can’t wait for pictures of digitessa though…I must live vicariously through yours until I’m ready for such a complicated pattern.

    Hooray for the Bug! She comes by her talent naturally from her mama I says! And she has probably picked up so much info just being around you knitting as well.

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