Conversations with the Bug

Bug:  Mommy, when are you going to have a baby?  I want to be a big sister.

Me:  I can’t have a baby right now.

Bug:  Why not?

Me:  Because I am not married, so I can’t have a baby.

Bug:  Oh, so when are you going to get married?

Me:  I don’t know Bug, might be a long time.  Who is mommy supposed to marry anyhow?

Bug:  (going through her list of most important men) Can’t you marry Pop Pop?

Me:  No sweetheart, Nana is married to Pop Pop, and Pop Pop is mommy’s daddy, and we don’t marry our daddy.

Bug:  Ok, then how about Uncle Willis?

Me:  Remember?  Uncle Willis got married to Kyle, and besides, Uncle Willis is mommy’s brother, and we don’t marry our brother.

Bug: Then JJ! You can marry JJ and I can be a big sister.

Me:  Ah..Um…maybe JJ doesn’t want to get married right now.

Bug:  I’m gonna ask him!

Me:  (under my breath)  Now THAT will be a bloggable conversation!