A few random things

I wanted to pull out a few things I made BK (before Knitting) and get them documented.  Because even though I did not create in myself the obsession that was created AK (after Knitting) I did very much enjoy my learning to crochet.  I specifically enjoyed filet crochet for awhile, and though I gave away most of what I created, I do have a few things floating around the house.  Specifically 3 doilies of which I used variegated cotton yarn in.

The other day I sorted and organized my stash.  I am finally at a point where I have no desire to give away yarn I do not like anymore, so the stash stays.  It is also abundantly clear that I should put myself on a yarn diet for awhile.  While sorting, I came across some roving that I had koolaide dyed but turned out quite ugly.  At stitches midwest, I had seen people felting wool over soap which while looking quite interesting, I wasn’t ready to do since I didn’t have any roaving that I was willing to felt!  So when I came across this stuff and refused to put it back in my stash, I realized that it would work perfectly for this project.  Bug and I tore up some roving and did a test soap.  It turned out quite nicely!  We learned to use a little less roving next time and that a cookie cooling rack does not a washboard make.  Since the felting worked fine without the washboard, we will skip that step entirely.  Bug was not happy to be using hot water on this project, but as the weather cools she just may get used to it.

Here is my first felted soap.  I think it is very cute and hope to do a few more in the near future.  The wool creates a felted loofah type case around the soap, and it shrinks as it is being used to fit the soap inside.

As I work on J’s sweater I realize that it is going quickly (for the amount of time I am spending on it).  Which, of course, leads me to think about my next sweater project.  I think that I should next work on a nice thick warm sweater rather than a cardigan, because the need for it will be soon enough.  I’ve 2 choices and would love to hear which my readers would like to see first!

I have this lambs pride wool in prairie fire.  This has been sitting in my stash forever!  Even BK!  I had bought it to work on a large crocheted afghan which I never got started on.  I still love it and would like to use it on the Urban Aran sweater.  I love the lines on this sweater, and I think they could look very flattering.  And it is a different take on cables than I am used to.

The second option is an Alice Starmore from her Aran Knitting.  Since I have already done Irish Moss and Na Craga, I’d like to do either St. Brigid or Aranmor.  I have this fantastic Black Water Abbey yarn I got at Stitches midwest.  An Irish import which isn’t overly soft but shows cables in the most lovely way.  I will also avoid the great felting disaster of 2007 with this yarn.

So the big question is, which sweater do my readers want to see next?

7 thoughts on “A few random things

  1. Shells, of the three patterns, my fave is St. Brigid! It looks like a fun challenge!

    I love your doilies. I have some crocheted doiles that I made over the years, but they don’t live with me right now.

    Congrats on sorting through your stash, btw 🙂

  2. Lovely doilies. Must you entirely give up crochet entirely AK?
    I like both Urban Aran and St. Brigid though the latter seems to have just too many cables.

  3. I love your soap thingy, I want to make one now! Although I might be in the same spot you were, in that I don’t know if I have any roving to give to it. How much did it take?

  4. Dude, you know I *love* St Brigid! That is why you should totally wait for a KAL lol!!

    Therefore I selfishly selfishly selfishly vote for the Urban. Well….that and because I really like it too. 😛

    The doilies are fabulous; Frank is just learning filet crochet and is completely in love with it.

  5. I did retain all my doily pattern books, since I really did rather enjoy making them. I don’t imagine it is something I will pick back up soon, but I bet I will with time.

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