Handspun socks

Last evening, while at a gathering of very nice women, I finished my handspun socks for the Sock Knitters Annonymous September Sock Down Challenge.

The challenge is that one will knit a pair of socks out of orange yarn.  The yarn needs to be at least 75% orange.  The general rule is if you have to ask “Is this orange enough?” then it isn’t.  Yet people still ask, causing much annoyance to the group moderator and much amusement to the rest of us.  So I have named these my “Are they orange enough?” socks.

This was poorly spun from poorly prepared BFL, reinforcing my disgust with BFL over all.  I knew I couldn’t put the skein up for sale as it wasn’t spun nicely, very rustic.  So it sat hiding in my stash lest I give it daily dirty looks.  When I heard orange yarn for September challenge, I knew I could give this yarn its chance to redeem itself.  And so it did, it is rather cold here today and I do not want to take off my new socks.  They are warm, they are softer than anticipated, and they are bright and sunny looking.

Oh, and pattern notes.  I did them toe up rather than cuff down.  I did a short row toe and short row heel.  I am getting better at them, I don’t get too many gappy spots.  I made a small error in the first sock that turned into a “feature.”  I patterned them on the bottom of the foot as well as the top.  Since I was not willing to take that portion out, I decided to pattern both socks on the bottom.