A quick project

Miss Bug wanted a purple scarf to match her purple malabrigo hat which she doesn’t have yet.  After I offered her a few options which she wasn’t satisfied with, we found some purple lambs pride in my stash.  When I realized that I didn’t really have enough for a scarf, I decided a neck warmer would do.  I realized that the lambs pride was a bit too itchy to wear around the neck, so since crafty coworker had just given Bug some yarn to practice with, I decided to grab the lavender fun fur and add it to the mix.  That helped to soften up the feel of the lambs pride.  I finished it last evening and sewed on some buttons.

I also stayed up too late last night finishing up the silk hankies.  I ended up with 430 yards of very laceweight yarn, pure silk.  It feels scrumptious, it has that smooth dry silk feel to it.  It reacts so very differently than wool it is almost uncanny.  Keep in mind that spinning silk hankies leaves you with a less than smooth yarn, it is almost boucle like with its nups and slubs.  I think it has great character!