My latest conquer.

Do you know what that is?  Perhaps you are asking yourself why I would post a picture of my recycle bin.  I’ll tell you why.  In the bottom of that recycle bin is a torn up pattern.  The pomatamus pattern in fact.  I tore it up in an indication that I will never again knit this pattern.  This pattern became the bane of my existance and I am glad to be done with it.  I’ve worked so hard for so long on those socks and it was not an enjoyable experience.  If someone were to come to me and say “Shells, I’ll pay you $200 to knit me a pair of pomatamus socks” I’d probably just twitch.  I cannot understand how the same designer of my beloved monkey pattern could design this pattern, this twitchy, complicated, annoying, slow pattern.  Where I spend every single day now trying NOT to cast on another pair of monkey socks since I’ve already knit 4 pair, I can’t get rid of this pattern fast enough!

But I finished them last night.  It took a glass or two of red wine and the encourangement of my friends, but they did get done.

And they are very very beautiful.

(Yarn, chameleon colorworks glacial moraine.)

7 thoughts on “My latest conquer.

  1. HOORAY!! I’m so proud of you! The recycling picture is absolutely hilarious!

    I’m still entirely torn about whether you should where the socks every single day for the next month out of pride or if they should be enshrined and paid homage to behind glass LOL!

    They do look fabulous though. Now go cast on some monkeys as a reward!

  2. Yay!!!! They are awesome. Those socks almost kicked my butt too. I think they’re like childbirth though. I’m thinking about knitting another pair. Talk me out of it!

  3. Shells, I hope you can at least take pleasure in wearing them, because they’re beautiful! Oh, and hey … if someone offers you $200 to knit a pair for them, send them my way. I hated knitting the pattern too, but I’d do it for $200 😉

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