Thurdays are for Spinning

My knitting friends and I discussed the other night the implementation of a “Thursday’s are for Spinning” day in my week.  I am complaining that I have too many knit projects to get spinning done, and I don’t like it.  If I choose one day of the week to dedicate to spinning, I will accomplish 2 things.  First, I will get a bunch more spinning done, which will make me happy, my shop happy, and my readers happy.  Secondly, it will give my poor hands a break.  They really have been taking a beating lately with my manic knitting, and ache all the time right now.  In the interest of having something spun for Thursdays are for spinning, I spun last night as well.

This is what I have on my wheel right now, Enchanted Knoll farms merino.  From a solar and wind powered farm off the power grid comes the most nicely prepared fiber I have ever spun in my entire life.  This colorway is called Pumpkin Soup, and though it is a bit different than colors I normally pick, I was so very drawn to it.

This will eventually be a traditional 3 ply sock weight yarn.  My first traditional 3 ply yarn actually, since I am a navajo plying freak!  For all you spinners who read, do tell the new spinners JUST how much easier it is to spin fiber that is prepared beautifully! It almost floats onto the wheel!