Applying myself

I’ve been putting off finishing my grandpa’s socks.  Not that I don’t want to do them, it is just that I am fickle and some new project I have never made before calls to me.  I knew that all I needed was one weekend to apply myself and get them done.  So this was the weekend.  I decided that no other project could be worked on until they were done, and lo and behold they were done by Sat morning!

So these will get mailed out tomorrow.

Then I began Nicks next pair of socks.  He wanted burnt orange socks and that just happens to fit in with September Sock down in Sock Knitters Anonymous, so I thought I would cast on this month.  These will make a fantastic work project.

I have a crazy busy week this week, so posting may be a bit light.  To top it off, all weekend I told myself I was NOT getting sick, but when I went to pick up Bug from her dads, I realized that she was quite a bit sicker than I was feeling.  I do not have time for sick this week, so it will have to be postponed.

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