What is this?

A spinning blog all of a sudden?

I’ve apparently gotten reinspired, and since my last roving was very subtle in colors, I thought I’d got for the brights this time.

I should finish this tonight, that is the hope anyhow.

I also finished up one of Nicks orange socks.  I call these practice socks, since I needed to attempt a tubular cast off.  I was quite pleased with myself at lunch time today, and cornered my coworkers to show them what I had done.  The conversations went like this:

Me: “See the top of this sock? Can you even see the bind off?”

Coworker I’ve cornered: “No….where is it?”

Me: “You can’t see it. Know why?

Coworker I’ve cornered: “No, why?”

Me: “Because I ROCK!”

See?  I rock!