Yet Another Endeavor

I’ve been talking about doing it, thinking about doing it, preparing to do it, anticipating it, and yet I just don’t.  Until this weekend.

Dyeing fiber that is.  I just….felt like everything I make is going to turn out ugly as sin.  But I also know I have to buckle down and experiment a bit before I decide to do this officially.  So this weekend was the weekend!

I had picked up some jaquard dyes from knitpicks to begin the experimentation process.  Primary colors mostly, so I can mix my own.  It went somewhat successfully though I am just not getting the deep rich colors I desire.  I like what I got, don’t get me wrong, but they aren’t what I wanted.  I’d be proud to spin any of them though.

In fact, I did a little test skein, as I wanted to make sure my lovely prepared merino did not felt at all.  And it didn’t.  The test skein also gave me some idea of how one might look all spun up.  And I like it!  Much more subtle than I thought.

Yep, I liked it, I’d like to do it again!