Bug’s Room

Bug and I have been hard at work this weekend finding ways to organize her toys because “Mommy doesn’t want to see my toys all the time!” as she tells people.  It is true, I am sick and tired of the house being all aclutter because she doesn’t put away her toys.  But truthfully, I hadn’t been giving her a specific place for her toys, so it isn’t really her fault.  I was lucky if she’d contain them to one corner.  We went shopping and got her some bins with drawers for downstairs.  And upstairs I just designated some of her dresser drawers to toys since she really doesn’t have a lot of clothes anyhow.  Additionally she has been itching to take her crib down, so I decided that a deep cleaning and rearrangement was in order.  Now that it is basically done, she wanted to show Nana so I had to take pictures. I will probably rearrange her dressers again, but this is a start.

Sleeping corner:

Playing corner:

For those of you who haven’t seen her room, she has the entire upstairs, and it is in an”L” shape with windows at each end of the “L.”  She has big plans for the playing corner, she plans to set up her train tracks in the biggest track evah! She is very pleased with her room right now, she said “It looks WONDERFUL!”

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