Why yes I HAVE been crafting!

I finished Nicks orange socks today.  I used a short row heel and toe and made them toe up, using a tubular bind off.  I do hope they fit him!

Tubular bind off is a technique I will need for 2 projects, one of them is a brick red scarf that I promised Nick last year, and the other is for the neckline of the modified and upsized cricket pullover.  I finished the front, and have just began the back.

The neckline will be 1×1 rib using the 2 colors of gray.

And speaking of gray….look at my latest spinning!  A merino/tencel blend in lovely shiny steely shades of gray.

4 thoughts on “Why yes I HAVE been crafting!

  1. Look how busy you’ve been! My goodness, so much pretty stuff 🙂 I love the color of the merino/tencel. I know it had been giving you fits, but it really is super!

  2. The socks are so fab! And the sweater is awesome as well. I do believe I’m in love with your latest spinning *wipes drool off chin*!

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