I needed to…

Finish something today!

I thought about my projects, guessed that I would not finish socks or lace today, and decided that Thursdays really are for spinning.  I’ve been spinning up this chameleon colorworks optim in colorway veridian.  I wanted laceweight singles.  I think optim deserves a little explination.  Optim is merino which has been mechanically stretched.  It is soft, and it has a drape and shine similar to silk.  It won’t felt and it spins more like silk than merino.  A lot of predrafting was necessary for this.  I can’t even tell you my yardage as I was so eager to get it done I took pictures and then sent it to its bath before counting.

Finishing helped me avoid casting on.  For that I am thankful!


So, the sweater did not fit J either, it was just too short. Currently it looks like this:

I did manage to fix the sleeves, but I need to add length to the front and back, and then put the collar back on.  This is a lot of hard work, and I just cannot get inspired about it quite yet.  It is scheduled for next weekend.  I’ve done a lot of obligatory knitting lately so I am taking this weekend to knit whatever my little heart desires.  And it seems that my heart desires lace.

I did finish up a navajo ply last evening.  250 yards of sock weight yarn.  There will be a second hank of another 250 yards, when I decide to finish it up.  Today was not the day.  I preserved the colors on this one because they were so rich.  It has long lines of color and I think they will make a very pretty sock.

That time if year…

When it is too dark by the time I get home to take a decent picture.  Oh well.

I’ve been spinning this merino top from Lorna’s Laces for awhile now.  I am having trouble getting it done as it is 5 oz. as opposed to my normal 4, and I have had other obligations.  I’ve half of it done now, and I will be navajo plying this in order to maintain long lines of color.  Colorway is circus, and the colors are absolutely brilliant!  The idea is to have two fairly matching skeins.

In other news, my first October sock down entry is done, even though I was fearful I wouldn’t finish until November.  The pattern is Lizzy, the yarn is knitpicks memories.  I’ve had the yarn for a long time now, and am attempting to clear my stash oldest first.

My goal was to finish them this weekend, so I’d say I am feeling ahead of schedule.

A Contest!

As many of you know, I don’t eat a lot of meat.  Most of the time I don’t eat any.  I choose to do this for my own health and because I believe that the large farming practices in the US are terribly far from what eating should be.  I believe this is a detriment to both the animals and to the health of humans.  And because these practices are pretty much unavoidable, I choose not to eat meat.

What I’d really like to see happen here in the US though, is a change in the large farming practices.  I mean, let’s be honest.  People are not going to stop eating meat.  People aren’t like me.  So the only way to touch this issue is at the large farming level.

And this brings me to the contest.  I am going to do a little fundraising here for the next 10 days.  I am offering up my own handspun yarn as incentive for donations.  The winner will receive their choice of;

382 yards sock weight wool 3 ply with angelina:

OR 432 yards silk laceweight, 2 ply, spun from silk hankies:

OR if you are a spinner and would prefer to spin your own, one of the 4 oz merino rovings that are listed in my etsy shop.

Please click on this link to donate.  I am including the text of the link page so you know what you are getting in to:

“As you know, we love animals. That’s why we’re asking you to join us in a critical effort to help reduce the suffering of 20 million — that’s right, 20 million — farm animals.

Basically, on Election Day in November, people in California will have the chance to vote on a commonsense measure that will help animals suffering inside factory farms. These animals are crammed into cages and crates so small that they can’t even turn around, lie down, or stretch their limbs. Proposition 2 will give them these basic freedoms.

If passed, Prop 2 is expected to have a huge impact on reforming factory farming practices nationwide — which is why you don’t need to live in California to help. It’s also why the agribusiness industry is spending millions to fight this reasonable reform, making it critical that animal protection advocates raise money needed to reach voters.

So…today we’re asking you to join us in reaching our goal of having 20 friends, family members, and colleagues donate $20 each to help 20 million animals. Will you join us, and help us reach our goal?

You do need to be a US citizen or resident alien to donate due to California law.  Please let me know what email you are donating under either here or at Ravelry.  Drawings will take place on Monday November 3.  They will be done via random number generator.  A $5 donation will get you a chance in the drawing.  $10 will get you 2 entries, $15 will get you 3 entries and so on.

For those of you who are not able to donate, I’d ask you to spread the word.

Where’s Shells?

Happily knitting of course!  And with what?  Well….you may wonder why…but I’ve good reason to be knitting with this:

I know I know, I got rid of some obscene amount last year, because I became a yarn snob.  But the project called for just such a perfect color combination.

You see, my mom asked me to make her a hat for her Halloween costume.  I gladly obliged and knit it in 2 days.  It turned out really well and it was a lot of fun to make.  Though I have been quick to remember why I do not knit with red heart.

I present to you the “Where’s Waldo?” hat!

First, the real waldo for comparison,

Big thanks to “crafty coworker” for modeling the hat with her very own Where’s Waldo? shirt.

Well that just made my evening!

So, the scarf posted below was done in a little barter with Nick, his intention is to give it to the gal he is seeing for her birthday.  Hence the need to get it done on a deadline.  Nick received the scarf in the mail today, along with some socks I had done for a similar barter, and I got this message from him, which amused me greatly and really made my evening.  Please understand that I did get his permission to post this.

“I walked in today to see a bubble package on the steps.  I ran upstairs and opened it.  Amazingly I pulled out the scarf and started to unfold it.  Every time I though I thought I was done unfolding it another layer was there.  And the pattern and texture became more and more amazing until finally is was completely unraveled.  To say it’s amazing would be the understatement of the decade.  You’ve outdone yourself x 100.  It is amazingly perfect yet it still flows as if it’s wild random pattern.  The repetition you archived here is something I strive for while woodworking.  You nailed it!  And I can’t tell you how AWESOME it feels.  Is it wrong that I want to sleep with it tonight while being naked?  LOL.  I’m even going to show it to my mom even though it’s going to spark a million questions I don’t feel like answering.  This is too awesome not to share.  After showing it mom I’m going to re-fold it and wrap it in tissue to be all safe until I give it to Payal on Friday.  I’m more excited about giving her this over the box I made.  I know she is going to love it.  And I personally think the tassels rock!

Oh and the socks,, I forgot all about the socks!  Of course they are awesome and fit perfect (see pics).  I can’t wait to wear them the next time I go out!  They are too special to just wear anytime!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Thank you Nick, for being so ready for a barter situation, the lovely handcrafted woodworking I receive in return for my knitting is as absolutely special and wonderful to me as you see the scarf.  I now have pieces in my home I could only dream of, and tools for my chosen craft that I have personally put my wishes into, making unique and beautiful pieces that I absolutely treasure every time I look at them.