Free stylin’

When I first began spinning, my yarn would come out thick and thing and drive me nuts.  I spent all my time working on consistant and thin yarn.  As I progressed, I finally got to the point where I could create the yarn I envisioned.  3 ply, 2 ply, navajo ply, whatever I wanted I could make.  But I lost something during that learning process.  I lost the ability to make that thick and thing yarn that I didn’t like when I started.  But my desires shifted too!  I found some of the thick and thin yarn I saw to be pretty and artsy and have a ton of character.  But I couldn’t do it.

So this weekend my goal was to create thick and thin yarn.  And I am happy with the results.  In order to create this, I had to speed everything up for the size of the yarn I was going for, so I didn’t have time to think and straighten out the yarn.  Every time I felt that I was getting consistant, I would then pull farther back into my drafting triangle than I would typically.  Now, this is somewhat painful, but I did manage it.

I haven’t decided if I should leave this as it is colorwise, or overdye the entire thing in black.  I am open to suggestions!  133 yards merino.


ETA:  Forget the overdyeing idea, this one is already sold 😛