I said I wouldn’t

But I am weak weak weak in the face of handknit socks!

I think I mentioned how I would not cast on a second pair of November sockdown socks.  I had the mystery colorwork sock and that was good enough for me.  Then I realized one of the patterns I have been looking at was included in this months sock down, and I just happened to have the exact yarn suggested by the pattern.  The pattern is Peace Socks by Wendy Johnson.  (Shown part way down the page in the link.)  The yarn is Chameleon Colorworks evolution in Figgy Pudding.  Evolution yarn is that stretched merino called optim, and it is softer than soft!  Feels very similar to my handmaiden mini maiden wool silk blend.  But sturdier.  I picked the figgy pudding colorway because I had spun some of that colorway and fallen in love.  Since I sold the spinning, I decided to get the yarn for myself.  The socks themselves are knitting up very fast since the yarn is a bit thicker than your typical sock yarn.  Enough of me writing about them, let me show you my progress!


Of course this could mean that I have put down my mystery socks, but that is not the case at all.  In fact, I am sorry that I refered to them as “clown socks” the last time I showed them to you.  As I continue to knit on them, I realize that they do not remind me of clowns at all, but of impressionist art.  I love viewing impressionist art simply because the artists always manages to use color in a way I don’t expect.  This in turn makes me look at the world around me in a different way, viewing the world through different colors.  And these socks remind me of that exactly.  Holding 2 strands together is making the colors play on each other and wander back and forth in an unpredictable way.  My eyes are drawn to them and I am tempted to knit just a little further to see what the color will do next.  Of course, now I am waiting on the next clue to come out.  I’ve finished the heels and will be able to start the rest of the sock on Monday evening.