My Trooper

Bug is SUCH a trooper.  I decided she needed a flu shot before her fathers insurance runs out.  I told her we were going to go to see the doctor.  She said “But I won’t have to have a shot will I?”  Now, I just don’t believe in lying to her so I told her that she would need a shot that would help keep her from getting sick this winter.  She said “Ok Mom, I am going to be strong, it won’t hurt much.  I’ll just take a deep breath.  And then they’ll give me a sticker!”  So we went in this morning for her shot.  The nurse gave her the choice of arm or leg, and she chose leg.  I held her hands and told her when she’d feel a sting.  She winced at the sting but of course the medicine hurts the most.  She took deep breaths and her little face turned red, eyes started watering….but she was such a trooper that I had to tell her that it was OK to cry if she needed to.  A minute later she is following the nurse down the hall in search of her stickers.  (She got 2 since she was so amazing.)

Last evening her father got to see Jekkyl and Hyde routine in full effect.  He dropped her off, and she was in full tantrum mode.  Carrying on about wanting to see a movie and she would not be placated.  He brought her up the steps, I took one look at her (no tears, just fake tantrum scream/cry) gave her the ‘mommy” look and said “Bug, come inside right now, that is ENOUGH!”  Boy, she shut right up, walked in, and got her PJ’s on, leaving a rather startled father on the porch steps.

In knitting news, I have decided that J’s sweater has been in time out long enough, so the grand attempt of the weekend is to fix it completely.  I finished one peace sock yesterday (leaving only about a yard of yarn left over, thank goodness for toe up socks) and worked on the tangled yoke cardi and the icarus shawl.


Next week will see the finish of the wild mystery socks and ideally some spinning.  Hopefully.  Not making promises on the spinning.