Five Projects in Five Weeks Day 2

Wherein Shells happily knits happy monkey socks.


So here is how I see it.  I’ve got 35 days to finish 5 projects.  If I manage a project a week I’ll be doing really well.  I’ve selected the projects and put them in an order which I feel will be the least likely to drive me over the edge.  Starting with the Monkey Socks is a bit chancy, as I love the monkey socks so completely that I should be saving them for the end.  But, we had a bit of a mix up yesterday, causing me to lack the proper yarn for the proper first project.

On Tuesday I contacted my friend Carrie, who works part time at my favorite local yarn shop.  I asked her if she could pick up some yarn for me and bring it to me on Wednesday seeing as I’d be knitting with her then.  She advised me to go ahead and place the order and she would make a special trip in to pick it up.  All was right with the world and I would be able to bring my needles with me and cast on right away.  I called the shop, spoke to the owner, and had him pull the yarn I needed.  I let him know that Carrie would be in to pick it up and he set it aside for me.  I was happy!

A bit after noon, I receive an email with a tracking number for USPS from the local yarn shop.   My heart sank.  What the heck is that all about?  I call the shop, get the owner, and ask if Carrie has been in to pick it up.  He tells me that she hasn’t, and I say “Well, I think we have a little problem.  I just received a tracking number for it.”  He says “WHAT?  It is right here?”  And then I hear the following conversation:

Owner:  “Where is that package of yarn I had sitting over here?”

Worker: “I sent it out with the rest of the orders.”

Owner:  “No no!  Carrie is coming in to pick that up!”

Worker: “Well I WONDERED why we were mailing something to someone here in this city!”

Me:  “Ah….can you please make sure I am not charged for shipping???”

So he quickly removed the shipping, and I pulled out the yarn and needles for the monkeys.  Luckily the yarn should be in my box today.  This contains the yarn for 2 out of the 5 projects, so it is an important package!

A few details for the socks.  I am using Knitpicks Dancing, which is a wool/cotton/nylon blend.  These come from my stash, which is a Very Good Thing.  I fell out of love with this yarn, frankly I bought it on sale and I just don’t care about it anymore.  So I thought I’d use it for the monkeys.  And, I am enjoying it!  A lot more than I thought I would.  The colors are working up in a fun and random way, and the fabric that this yarn makes is great.  It is a win!

5 Projects in 5 Weeks

I am about to do something a little crazy and out of the ordinary here.  We will title it “5 projects in 5 weeks” or “Watch Shells go insane.”  Either way, it should be somewhat entertaining and revealing.  This is a knitting committment, and we all know how good I am about that.  *eye roll*