5 Projects in 5 Weeks, Day 4

Wherein Shells considers changing her name to “The Claw.”

I’ve finished the pair of monkeys, and hung up my sock needles for the rest of the challenge.  I can admit to being quite sad about that, as socks are one of my favorite things to knit.  On the other hand….well, the other hand says “OUCH!”  See, I don’t believe sock knitting should be done under duress.  Small needles and fast knitting will only lead to sore hands.  So I will have to be content to pick up the sock needles at a later date and finish the rest of this challenge with worsted weight yarn.


The yarn was knitpicks dancing.  The colors are fun and it makes a stretchy fabric. These do not fit me, but they weren’t meant to.  Have I mentioned how much I love me a pair of monkey socks?

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