5 Projects in 5 Weeks, day 9

In which Shells distracts her readers with a completely different project and wishes them all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Bug has been learning how to make potholders on her potholder loom.  She is really quite good at it, and though she has been in tears more than once over her desire to have perfect potholders, her first looks quite good.  Now, I must add, I did weave the loops at the very end because they are hard to do and causing her much frustration, and I did the crochet bind off.  But I am super proud of her!  I think the fact that she understands the over/under concept at 4 is pretty darn good.


3 thoughts on “5 Projects in 5 Weeks, day 9

  1. My mom is still using the potholders I made when I was 5 or 6 Shells. No doubt Miss Bug’s will last just as long! If she wants to start a potholder business, let me know. 😉

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