6 Projects in 5 Weeks, day 17

Where Shells happily wraps it up!


The final scarf is done.  Knitpicks wool of the andes in a 3×3 rib pattern.  Wool was held double throughout and knit on US10.5 needles.  A fast knit, which is why I saved it for last.

I completed my personal challenge in less than half the time I figured I would.  Though I don’t regret the time alloted, as if anything had gone wrong, or if I’d not had a vacation in there somewhere, it could have easily taken me the full amount of time.  I am glad to be finished, and I find myself now wanting to work on larger projects that cannot be completed in a week or less no matter how hard I would try.  I am going to leave you, dear readers, for the weekend and then post the progress on my own projects which I have made during the past few weeks.