Tangled update

Now that I am done with the holiday knitting, I’ve had the opportunity to take a bit of time off and then begin again on projects that are my own.  Selfish knitting if I may.  I am fairly certain the tangled yoke cardi is getting the most action, I’ve started the second sleeve.  Though it felt like it was languishing, now that I took a picture of it, I can see that I really don’t have too far to go.  On the other hand, the most confusing and “tangled” part of it is left, and that has me about shaking in my boots!


I also started my December sock, but I haven’t done anything besides the toe.  This is the least motivated I have been yet about a monthly sock challenge.  I am sure I will get to it, but it may take me awhile.  The sock is called Firestarter, and I am knitting it in wollmeise 80/20 color red hot chili.  Hence its name, red hot firestarter.


The other project I am working on, rather slowly, is the old mystic waters shawl.  I haven’t touched it in so long, so it is like pulling out a whole new project!

Bug spent two days with her Mamo and her dad.  They baked and decorated Christmas cookies.  She had so much fun, and is in such a good mood for it!  They brought me some cookies too, so I got to enjoy her beautifully decorated tasty treats!

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