My Birthday

It started with a kid who woke up saying “Mommy!  Its your birthday!!!!  We are going to the BOOKSTORE!  Are you turning 21?”

Now, in order to understand this next part, you have to understand our longstanding work tradition for birthdays.  You see, we like sweets.  But not just any sweets.  We like good cake, cake from the European bakery.  Not just any birthday cake, but beautiful delicious torte.  So when we have a birthday in the office, the two who are not having the birthday pitch in to buy the birthday person a torte.  And we basically eat nothing but cake all day long.  Sometimes right into the next day.

I start earlier than all my coworkers.  There had been some talk of favorite coworker baking a cake that I love.  She came in, and I saw no cake in her hands.  So I thought perhaps that crafty coworker was picking up a torte instead.  Crafty coworker walks in, no torte.  It is then that I realize that they have forgotten my birthday.  I, being pretty easy going, thought rather than remind them, I’d see how long it took them to figure it out.  Because in the end it would be pretty funny!

Now, my drivers license expired today, so I had to go to the DMV.  I went a bit early, in order to avoid the lines.  I totally expected that they would have figured it out by the time I got back, since why else would I have to get my license renewed?

I got to the DMV where I was well flattered by the guy giving the eye exam.  He looked at my license, looked at me, and back at my license.  He then said, “Um, I thought you were here for your 21st b day renewal.”  I, being overly blunt most of the time, said “Thank you, I never know when that stuff is flattery.”  This would probably be better left unsaid, but I wasn’t thinking.  He said “Let me just put it this way, it is obvious you take very good care of yourself.”  So that was a nice little gift.  As were the lack of lines.

I get back to the office, and I notice that my coworkers are sort of scurrying around.  I think nothing of it, as it is around lunchtime.  Then crafty coworker tells me she is sorry for missing my birthday, she thought it was the 19th.  I then get THIS card from her.  (Please be warned that these cards are somewhat on the sick and politically incorrect side.)  I read the card, and then said “Yes, and apparently you’d do it very well!”  (personally I thought THIS one would have been appropriate.  From what I hear, it did get considered.) I also got an ecard blaming the “office birthday scrooge” of all things!   Apparently even the gift shops had it in for my poor coworkers because none of them had dark chocolate in stock.

I then let them know that them forgetting, and then getting to watch them squirm, could very well have been the best gift ever, because it was so funny!  So crafty coworker tells me that the only reason they figured it out was because my mom called while I was gone, and said “Oh, don’t tell her I called, I just wanted to wish her a happy birthday!”  Well, I do so wish I could have been there to see their faces after that one!  Classic!

We are having cake at a later date by the way, and I did tell them “I am SOO blogging this” to which they said they already figured I would.

So we did have a bookstore knit night tonight, in which I worked some more on the tangled yoke cardi.  Against my better judgement, I am going to show it off again.  The arms are attached and I am knitting some never ending rows before I start the tangled part.  This is probably the last you will see of it until I am done with the cabling.


3 thoughts on “My Birthday

  1. happy birthday. i just died over the card they sent you (as a reformed JW, i just found it too freakin’ funny!). i love napoleon torte from the lithuanian bakery (i had it for my bridal shower, i think i need to go getanother one).

    i’m looking forward to watching your progress on your TYC. i’m thinking about making one for myself as a part of nanoswemodo (12sweaters in 12 months)

  2. I’m finally getting caught up on reading my blogs, and I saw a photo you have of your swift from 11/29/08. Did you buy it, or did you make it? That’s exactly the kind I want. If you could help me out with a couple details, I’d be grateful.

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