Conversations with the Bug

Bug:  Mom, I think I want a bike for Christmas

Me:  Really?

Bug:  Yes, one with 2 wheels.

Me:  Like a big girl bike…

Bug:  Yes, a big sister bike.  Maybe it can have Ariel on it.

Me:  Bug, you do know that if you get a bike for Christmas, you won’t be able to ride it until the spring.

Bug:  It’s ok Mom, I can wait.  I’ll just wait until the snow goes away and I am a big sister.

Me:  You are getting to be such a big girl!

I think I will make her a card with a bike on it, and then get her a bike in the spring.  Maybe then she can help pick it out.

Edited to add….

OK, since Minnie pointed out that this could be misconstrued, let me just say that when Bug says “Big Sister” she means when she is older.  She does not seem to equate “sister” with sibling.  And no, there is nothing new which I need to share.  LOL

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