Allow me to introduce you

to Miles.  I’ve had him since I was a kid, and now Bug plays with him.  When she was smaller, she called him “smiles.”  He feels like part of the family.

He is so accommodating, in fact he agreed to dress up as a baby girl in order that I could use him as a model for the handspun february baby sweater.


Um…WOW! I didn’t expect that!

So I was doing laundry yesterday and had brought up a basket full of clean laundry and set it on the floor.  It was one of those “I’ll get to it later moments.”  But without being asked, Missy Bug decided she could handle it, and she promptly folded everything and put it in its proper place.   The only thing she didn’t feel like she could handle was the socks, so I showed her how to fold those together too, and she was thrilled.  I had NO IDEA I had a laundry helper!