My first…

Pair of socks made out of the coveted and hunted Wollmeise.

Red hot firestarters, the pattern is firestarter by yarnissima.


This is my 20th pair of socks knit this year.  I am going to try for 24 in 2009.  Actually, I have a few fun projects in store.  Stay tuned for a stash down page (in an attempt to keep me honest) which will chronicle just how much yarn I used in 2009.  We have  a central park hoodie knit along starting on January 1, and a month of sock knitting starting February 15.

2 thoughts on “My first…

  1. i’m doing the nakniswemodo in an effort to knit up more of my stash. we’ll see how it goes. love the firestarter socks, but can’t do a flap heel. they’re just too big for me that way. oh, but to wish, lol.

  2. Nice! I love that colorway! You gave me an idea to actually set a goal to knit more socks. They are my favorite things to knit so it wouldn’t be a problem to take on.
    Take care (tribal here).

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