Whipping through my WIP’s

I’ve been working hard on my WIP’s in an effort to clear some of the off my plate in the new year.  I always have a project going at work, I work on it during my breaks, and it really is amazing how much I can accomplish in that hour.

Yesterday I was working on the red bull and vodka scarf, as is typical at work right now.  I am a bit more than halfway done with it.  It was about 9:30 AM, first break of the day.  As I am knitting along I feel this odd snap and off the needle the stitches came.  Horror!  I’d broken an addi bamboo.  Size 3.  Bummer, how am I going to knit at work???

I attempted to use the broken needle anyhow, but the stitches just flew off the other end.  I then decided I could find a solution to that.  I keep a small knitting basket at work, and in it I had a needle stopper.  I shoved that on the broken end of the needle and voila, a workable set until I can get a replacement!