I Won!

You may have read how I have been participating quite heavily in Sock Knitters Anonymous in order that I will knit more of my sock yarn stash, have more socks for myself, family, and friends, and possibly win prizes.  My goal each month is to knit 2 pairs in the hopes that I get 2 entries in the monthly drawing.  Well, they drew for November last night, and I woke up to a message that I had won a hank of sock yarn from String Theory Yarn.

Now, being that I haven’t won anything before, I wasn’t sure what the procedure was in picking up my prize.  I contacted them through Ravelry and Karen created a coupon code for me.  They made it so easy, especially since this was also their first time donating.  Want to see what I got? (Dad, I heard that comment about the name…)

So…go give String Theory Yarn a visit as a thank you from me for donating to Sock Knitters Anonymous.

Up for January?  2 pairs of socks.  The theme this month is beaded socks, socks from an online magazine, or January mystery socks.  I didn’t want to do beaded socks so I chose a pair of Monkeys and the mystery socks.  I didn’t realize before I balled up my yarn, that the mystery socks were beaded too!  Well, I love the pattern, so I am going to go with it.


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