I’ve got a back and 2 front pieces of the central park hoodie.  I’ve started the sleeves now as well.  Wanna see?


I’ve also got a full beaded leg on one of my mystery socks.  Can you see the beads?  They blend in.


In fall down mode, Bug insisted on some pink yarn for her own pair of socks.  Once again, this was entirely her choice from the yarn shop.  You know you had better knit your kid a pair of socks when she goes searching for yours, holds them up, and says “Mommy, I WISH I had socks like these!”  Repeatedly.

Bug is fascinated by the “wall o’ koigu” at the local yarn shop, and has had her eye on this yarn for….well….probably a year.


I think it is a garishly bright color but she is in love.

4 thoughts on “Update

  1. I’m with Bug. I love the pink. I just ordered Hot Flash from Socks That Rock. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but I had to own it. Maybe I’ll make a pair to match Bug’s!

  2. I am also deeply in love ithe the wall of Koigu as well. I knew that kid had good taste. I’m with you on the color but little girls want what they want

  3. I love the colors on your hoodie. It is looking awesome. I’m rather bored with my pale yarn. And the beaded socks, wow. These are very cool!
    I totally agree with bug! The socks should be screamingly bright in my opinion, esp for a kid.

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