Right ‘Round

I had the opportunity to go to a knit and crochet guild meeting on Saturday.  I got to meet new knitters, and learn something I have wanted to learn for about a year now.  You see, there was a wonderful spinner there who knows how to hand card.  I had no idea that I would go to this meeting and learn to hand card, but she was eager to teach me.  So we sat down and had a hand carding lesson, and then I was sent home with some angora and alpaca to blend.  It was awesome!  Let me show you what I made!

My ingredients:


The white is angora, the blue is some slightly felted alpaca I believe.

I made these:


Pretty soft little birds nests of fiber.  The white are merino and angora, the blue is alpaca and angora.

I couldn’t resist spinning the light blue, and I ended up with this:


It was just amazingly simple to spin!  This was a very exciting lesson as I’ve wanted to learn for so long but was too chicken to try out my hand cards myself.

In additional spinning news, I began some superwash BFL from dyeabolical yarns.  picked it more for its lofty smooshyness than for its color, but I am liking both.  This spins up like a dream come true!  It is super easy to draft, turns into the thinnest single if you just breathe on it, and somehow makes a squishy yet thin single.  If I keep this up, I am going to end up with 3 ply laceweight rather than 3 ply sock weight!


I’ve got 1/3 done and I plan to complete 1/3 today and 1/3 Tuesday.

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