No Procrastination Allowed

Miss Bug has been bugging me about taking down the Christmas tree.  Now, I’ll tell you a little secret.  As much as I like having a tree, I don’t much like putting it up.  Luckily Mom was out this time and helped, so we did indeed have the beauty of a tree this year.  In preparation for Bugs annoyance at having it taken down, I decided to start warning her that it would be coming down at some point after the New Year.

Apparently I didn’t get to it fast enough.  She started to ask me when it would come down.  I told her “soon.”  You see, I hate taking it down even more than I dislike putting it up.  So, I procrastinated a bit.  I began by bringing the boxes up with me when I came in from the garage but there they sat next to the tree.  I am not sure what I was waiting for them to do…I already know that I don’t have any fairies who come and put things away for me.

I don’t have any fairies, but I do have a Bug.  She found a package in which she knew what belonged in it, and began taking ornaments off the tree by herself one morning while I was out shoveling.  She took down the ornaments that were not “breakiful” and she took down the ones that belonged in the box she had found (which were breakiful btw…).  She then proceeded to set the box on the floor and accidentally kick the box across the room which sent little glass water drops flying all over the floor.

I took this as a cue.  A cue that when I got home, we needed to take care of the tree.  Mind you, I’d been up since 5 AM and had shoveled twice, spent a full day at work, and was exhausted, but we took down every ornament and put it in its proper labeled box.  She actually was a huge help.  She’d hand me a box, I’d read the description, she’d help me look for the ornament, I’d package it up and she’d set the box in the full pile.  Only one broke and it wasn’t one of the ones I find important.  She made the process far more fun than it usually is and she kept me on track, kept me focused.  I even managed to get the boxes into the basement.  I won’t tell you where the empty tree is right now…but I will tell you that “When are you going to take the tree to the basement?” is a common refrain in the house right now.  (It’s HEAVY!  Don’t judge me!).