A distraction

or two from the rather bad day I had today.  (Nothing really wrong, just your typical busy Monday frustrations).

First of all, a little uplift to my day, I am participating in a 3 month fiber swap and I received my first swap package today!  a bit over 4 oz. of superwash BFL, some sachets with what I think is peppermint and chamomile?  and some natural wool I believe.  Gorgeous!  What fun it is to get a swap package!


Additionally, crafty coworker reminded me of a story about Bug today which I am not sure that I shared.

One evening, as Bug and I were deciding what to eat, she told me she wanted “pickled peppers.”  I giggled, and then decided to call her bluff.  I said, “OK Bug, I’ll give you some pickled peppers, but I am not sure you are going to like them.”  She told me indeed she would, and that she’d REALLY like to have pickled peppers for dinner.  I really think she had no idea that I might have some around.

She doesn’t know my secret love of pepperoncini’s though….

So I got down a can of pepperoncini’s and told her to come have some.  She said, “what do they look like?”  She came into the kitchen and I handed her a pepper.  She looked at me, started to giggle and handed it back.  I said “What?  I thought you WANTED a pickled pepper!”  She said, “HHmmm….maybe I am not hungry for those after all, but I want to see YOU eat one!”  So I did, much to her delight.

It finally happened

One of the first pair of socks I ever made has developed a large hole in the heel.  They are Thujas made out of lion brand wool-ease.  So nothing to lose sleep over.  And to be fair, I gave them to J and he has worn them almost every single day for 2 winters.  So it is to be expected.  I told him I was not going to fix them.  He could throw them out.  I’d make another pair instead.  Now he is walking around the house with a pair of handknit socks with a large hole in them.

You know, it is NOT his only pair of handknit socks!