Poor pictures

I’ve been working on an awesome cabled hat, I am about halfway done.  The picture is poor but the cables are good!


My central park hoodie is blocking right now and has been for over 24 hours, it just won’t dry:

But I did buy buttons in hopes to finish it this weekend:


A Quandry

I am in such a quandry!  This is a very very serious issue so you should take me very seriously.  I am serious.

I’ve fallen in love with this coat.  I love it enough that I am willing to sell off some of my cherished, coveted, and fought for wollmeise yarn in order to fund the yarn for it.  That much love!  That is a LOT of love!

I just can’t decide on a color and I can’t decide which colors of wollmeise to put up for sale.

And also, it goes against my serious attempt to knit from stash.  Does it still count if I sell almost as much yarn as I am buying in order to fund it?