It’s a go!

I get my wish, I get to knit a Sylvi coat.  After much thought and deliberation, I’ve even chosen a color.  You know, I really wanted an off white coat, but on additional contemplation I realized that if I spent all that time knitting an off white coat and then accidentally dirty it, I will be very very sad with myself.  So, I’ve chosen the color wine from this page.  I really liked oregano and pewter, but I already have a gray coat and I am not sure I could look at the oregano for that long.  I am sure I will feel this way about wine (the color) as well but I think it will be quite elegant.

Now, frankly working with bulky yarn and needles hurts my hands.  So I am going to offset this by knitting a stole that I’ve been eager to knit for years.  The Scheherazade stole.  I’ll be using malabrigo in paris night colorway (deep navy blue).

If all this wasn’t cool enough, I’ll be doing this with one of my favorite knitting partners, and we have agreed to start on March 15.

And….if THAT isn’t news enough, I am fixing to show you 3 finished objects this weekend!