Finished Object #3

I knew I could do it!  I’ve pushed to get these done this weekend, but I certainly got bored towards the end.  These are my January Mystery Socks for Sock knitters anonymous.  I know it is hard to see, but they are beaded through the legs.  The beads are a purple color that mimic the flecks of purple/blue in the yarn.  This provided me with the opportunity to work my first official eye of the partridge heel and a new toe technique which creates sort of a pinwheel look and requires no kitchener stitch. Yarn is Koigu PPM in painters smock.


A close up of the toe:


Now, in an effort to use up scrap yarn in order to have an ACCURATE record of my stash bust 2009, I ‘ve decided to knit my scraps into scrappy blankets.  I started one but am not overly pleased with it.  So I decided to do a granny square crochet one instead.  But that one isn’t turning out how I prefer either, so I started another with a smaller hook size.  This one will be for Bug and incorporate the more girly colored yarns I have laying around.  She should just love it!