It’s a go!

I get my wish, I get to knit a Sylvi coat.  After much thought and deliberation, I’ve even chosen a color.  You know, I really wanted an off white coat, but on additional contemplation I realized that if I spent all that time knitting an off white coat and then accidentally dirty it, I will be very very sad with myself.  So, I’ve chosen the color wine from this page.  I really liked oregano and pewter, but I already have a gray coat and I am not sure I could look at the oregano for that long.  I am sure I will feel this way about wine (the color) as well but I think it will be quite elegant.

Now, frankly working with bulky yarn and needles hurts my hands.  So I am going to offset this by knitting a stole that I’ve been eager to knit for years.  The Scheherazade stole.  I’ll be using malabrigo in paris night colorway (deep navy blue).

If all this wasn’t cool enough, I’ll be doing this with one of my favorite knitting partners, and we have agreed to start on March 15.

And….if THAT isn’t news enough, I am fixing to show you 3 finished objects this weekend!

I thought I’d give it a whirl…

Accurate or not, what do you think?

Your result for What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test…

Balanced, Secure, and Realistic.

22 Impressionist, 20 Islamic, -3 Ukiyo-e, -25 Cubist, -18 Abstract and 2 Renaissance!

People that like Impressionist paintings may not alway be what is deemed socially acceptable. They tend to move on their own path without always worrying that it may be offensive to others. They value friendships but because they also value honesty tend to have a few really good friends. They do not, however, like people that are rude and do not appreciate the ideas of others. They are secure enough in themselves that they can listen to the ideas of other people without it affecting their own final decisions. The world for them is not black and white but more in shades of grey and muted colors. They like things to be aestically pleasing, not stark and sharp. There are many ways to view things, and the impresssionist personality views the world from many different aspects. They enjoy life and try to keep a realistic viewpoint of things, but are not very open to new experiences. If they are content in their live they will be more than likely pleased to keep things just the way they are.

Poor pictures

I’ve been working on an awesome cabled hat, I am about halfway done.  The picture is poor but the cables are good!


My central park hoodie is blocking right now and has been for over 24 hours, it just won’t dry:

But I did buy buttons in hopes to finish it this weekend:


A Quandry

I am in such a quandry!  This is a very very serious issue so you should take me very seriously.  I am serious.

I’ve fallen in love with this coat.  I love it enough that I am willing to sell off some of my cherished, coveted, and fought for wollmeise yarn in order to fund the yarn for it.  That much love!  That is a LOT of love!

I just can’t decide on a color and I can’t decide which colors of wollmeise to put up for sale.

And also, it goes against my serious attempt to knit from stash.  Does it still count if I sell almost as much yarn as I am buying in order to fund it?


We were so fortunate to have Bernie the bear come visit Bug and her mom this evening.  When we got home, Bug showed Bernie all her toys and how to play with them.  Mom made veggie biryani but Bernie and Bug decided they couldn’t possibly eat such a thing so they made egg sandwiches instead.  They spent some time playing together and then sat down to read all 3 books at once!  Bug read all the words she could and Mom read the rest.

When it was bedtime, Bernie got his teeth brushed and then went upstairs with Bug to sleep.  He was provided with his own pillow in the shape of a stuffed sheep and his own blanket, but soon crawled under the covers with Bug.

In the morning we will have to get dressed, get all bundled up, see how cold it is outside, and come back to school.  We’d love to have Bernie come visit again sometime, the visit seemed so short!



I struggle, frequently, with not sleeping well.  Since Bug’s room is so darn cold, I tend to keep the heat up high so she stays warm.  Thing is, even on the coldest nights she comes downstairs in the morning quite warm.  Her hands and feet are downright hot to the touch and she does not seem the least bit uncomfortable.

So I decided to start turning the heat down a bit at night in order to save on the heating bill.  (Not that I think it matters because I am positive our company is dirty and dishonest, but that was the intention).  Lo and behold, I am sleeping WAY better at night!