Locks of Love!

First of all, locks spun in the grease spin a lot easier at 70F than they do at 45F.  For those who wondered, I flicked the tips open by brushing just the tips on a hand card.

I expected to be very disappointed with how these turned out.  I loved the color, but the feel was disturbing with all that grease, I didn’t know if I should ply them or leave them as singles.  A lot of worry, stress, and decisions went into these locks.

I pulled them off the bobbin, and thought I rather liked their look.  They looked delicate, but felt stronger than I expected them to.  So I decided now was a good time to scour them.  2 hot water and dishwashing liquid baths later, I was sure I had gotten a good portion of the lanolin out.  I whacked the skein and hung it to dry.

A bit later I went back in to see the skein.  I fell in love!  But, I couldn’t figure out what to do with such a wild and wooly skein of yarn.  I contemplated all evening.

Then I got to thinking, wouldn’t I be able to knit another montego bay?  Won’t this act a bit like the mohair?  I hope so, because THAT I can picture!  Now just to finish spinning the locks.

Check this out!  I don’t think I really lost the dye in the scouring process.  So pretty!


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