Sockin’ it to the curse


Pattern, Storyteller socks

I love these, they were a great little knit.  I love knitting lace more than anything else.

These are for my mom, she requested this pattern specifically.  I didn’t make them as large as I did the last pair for her.  Hopefully they will fit perfectly this time.

I’ll have a blackrose sock to show you tomorrow, and hopefully a finished pair on Saturday.

A Sockish update

Since I do not yet have a finished pair of socks to show off, I figure I had better show you the ones that are in progress.

My favorite thus far is my blackrose sock.  The yarn is sanguine gryphon bugga, color oak timberworm.  I love the name, and I love the color, but most of all I love the feel of the cashmere content.  This is a thicker sock yarn, similar to socks that rock mediumweight, and I’ll pick some up again someday.


Then I’ve got a mystery sock, which will be for Bug.  I really like the pattern thus far.  The dark purple you see at the top is a provisional cast on, so that will go away.  As to why we needed a provisional cast on….well thus far it is a mystery.

The yarn is Lorna’s Laces shepherd sock multi colorway georgetown.  We will see if it ever manages to variegate the colors or if they will line up this way throughout the entire sock.


And finally, just to prove the sock curse isn’t completely over, I’ll show you my spring forward socks.  I love the pattern, the yarn is sunshine yarns soft sock.  Colorway might be prep, but I haven’t a ball band to prove it.


I basically worked a full leg on these last evening while I had friends over.  I tried them on this morning.  And THEY DON’T FIT!!!  Seriously, I am really going to need to rethink this sock knitting thing.  I suspect my gauge has changed drastically and I don’t know it yet.  I can’t even think about pulling them out, so I am going to keep on, creating a long heel flap and gussett, and hope for the best.

Tomorrow….Tomorrow I promise a picture of complete storyteller socks.  I’ve 9 days left to this challenge, we will see how many I can complete!