We’ve been missing this edition

I haven’t posted yarn drool pictures in a really long time.  Since I’ve been on a yarn diet, there just hasn’t been much!  But, now it is time for a special addition, and these do not apply to the yarn diet rules.

First up is my skein of Violet Green yarn, her shop is here.  I won this for participating in Sock Knitters Anonymous. The colorway is blackcurrent.  It does have some shades of purple, but I bought it in order to use it for an upcoming SKA colorwork challenge.  I will pair it with some of my handspun for an interesting look.


And…on a gift certificate, I was able to get 2 new skeins of wollmeise, colorway indisch rot.  I have a third on the way, as I traded my regenbogen for it.  Out of these three skeins, I plan to knit twist collectives dulce de leche.  I might have had enough with 2 skeins, but considering my height, I thought 3 to be safer.  My intention, in order to reduce the occurrence of color pooling and dye lot changes, is to ball all three up and alternate rows.


I will finally have a full sweater of the most coveted yarn on the planet!  I think that the feel of this yarn is better suited for a sweater or a shawl than socks anyhow, so I am quite excited about this prospect.