Tuesday knit night

Let me tell you how it went! I decided to work on the Sylvi coat since my month o’socks has me so done with sock knitting.

First, I finished knitting the cuff. Then, I pondered how the cuff is supposed to be put together, spent lots of time on ravelry trying to figure it out. Decided I understood and sewed it together.

I put it in my bag for knit night, and instead of going down 2 needle sizes, I put needles only one size smaller than recommended in my bag. Since I have been having gauge issues and all. Size 9’s. 2 pairs since the sleeve is worked in the round.

I got to knit night, pulled out my cuff, and began to pick up stitches. The pattern asks me to pick up 39 stitches around the cuff. I start picking up stitches, skipping a few here or there, but 33 does not equal 39. Took it apart. I start again, picking up more stitches. Still isn’t working out. Then I decide it would be wise to count how many stitches I have available to pick up providing I wanted to. Guess what? 39. What are the odds? So I pick up all the stitches and set it in the round. Now I have 41 stitches somehow. No matter, I decrease 2 and I am back on track. Now I can start seed stitching the heck out of the cuff.

I pull my knitpicks harmony through and the cable breaks. Of course.

So I put all the stitches on my addi bamboo, and grumble about how much I dislike magic loop. I begin to knit anyhow.

I decide after an inch or two to check my gauge. Yeah, smart one, aren’t I? I check, and apparently my US size 9 needles are WAY TOO SMALL! I need to go up to a size 10. Wanna know something funny? I don’t have any size 10’s. I decide to keep knitting with size 9’s since the sleeve fits anyhow, I’ll do the same with the second sleeve. I’ll change to size 10’s just as soon as knitpicks sends some to me. Yes, I already placed the order.

At least I have a start, even if it is a small one.


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