Heralding in spring

In sound!

Today, Bug did this:


And I did this:


While listening to the sounds of spring.  I heard happy birds, the whir of my wheel, the sound of chainsaws clearing back yards, young girls a block away playing soccer, and predominately the sound of spanish chatter and singing on the rooftops paired with the semi rhythmic sound of hammers and nail guns.  Seems that most of the neighborhood is having their roofs redone or siding put on.  But…even as noisy as this is, it sounds of spring and I welcome it.

Walk outside tomorrow, close your eyes, and then listen.  Come back and tell me what you hear!

I finished about a third of a 4 oz merino which I received in a swap last month.


And thus

ends my month o’socks.


The pattern is spring forward, which is a fantastic little knit.  It really is the “new monkey” and I am fairly certain I will knit it again.  The yarn is my favorite, blue moon fiber arts socks that rock mediumweight in oregon red clover honey.

I do have Bug’s mystery socks still on the needles, but I am waiting for the next clue to come out.  Knitting on them will commence on Monday.  But this is my official end to month o’socks and I will not be doing this challenge again.  I feel about month o’socks the same as I felt about my pomatamus socks.  I don’t even wear those socks because they have terrible memories of frustration associated with them.

I’ve been knitting on my stole and will post pictures of it tomorrow.  I am waiting on my size 10 needles to work on my Sylvi coat.

Upcoming news: We will be doing a gloves with fingers KAL starting in April.  This after I informed my mother that “I don’t DO gloves!”  Hopefully I will manage 2 pairs, one for myself and a pair for her.