And thus

ends my month o’socks.


The pattern is spring forward, which is a fantastic little knit.  It really is the “new monkey” and I am fairly certain I will knit it again.  The yarn is my favorite, blue moon fiber arts socks that rock mediumweight in oregon red clover honey.

I do have Bug’s mystery socks still on the needles, but I am waiting for the next clue to come out.  Knitting on them will commence on Monday.  But this is my official end to month o’socks and I will not be doing this challenge again.  I feel about month o’socks the same as I felt about my pomatamus socks.  I don’t even wear those socks because they have terrible memories of frustration associated with them.

I’ve been knitting on my stole and will post pictures of it tomorrow.  I am waiting on my size 10 needles to work on my Sylvi coat.

Upcoming news: We will be doing a gloves with fingers KAL starting in April.  This after I informed my mother that “I don’t DO gloves!”  Hopefully I will manage 2 pairs, one for myself and a pair for her.

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