A Preview

So I hosted a small indian food knit night at my house last evening.  I just cannot get over how much fun I find it to be to have people into my own home.  It is enjoyable and relaxing and all that Miss Bug needs to be entertained is right at our fingertips.  Though I can’t make food like this on a regular basis, it was a perfect special occasion, and I really needed the distraction.

I’ve got more pictures at home (orangekathy, I think you left your camera at my house, and I stole your memory card and grabbed the knitnight pics, so I’ll upload some of them here tonight.)  But, I have a preview for you.  Deawn snapped a few shots which I was able to grab this morning from facebook.  This one I cannot resist showing right away!


Great picture Deawn, you couldn’t have captured a better shot!

Stay tuned for picture by picture shots of the scary undertaking I attempted with my coat.  I don’t think anyone in the room believed I should try it….

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