Posting these late

I’ve finished clue 3 of Bug’s mystery socks.  Clue 4 is out now, and I’ve got a little bit of i-cord edging to do on the cuffs, but they look great so far!  They are a bit too long for her, but I think this is good, since we are moving out of sock season anyhow, and they should fit her next year.


We spent some time with J this weekend, which was nice.  Sometimes I wish I was as creative in speaking to Bug as he is.  At one point, Bug had colored through the paper she was using and ink got on the dining room table.  She came to me upset and I could tell she had done something that she felt she shouldn’t have.  When I saw a tiny pen mark on the table, I got her a towel to clean it up.

But along comes her JJ.  He grabs some spray soap and sprays the table.  Then he tells her “See Bug, now the soap and the ink are having a battle.  And when we wipe up the table, we get to see who won!”  Instantly she was more excited about cleaning up her mess, and he put her at ease when she was upset over the mark.

By the way….the soap won.