Who knew?

I’ve had some pain in one of my teeth for awhile now.  We are talking months.  But it was bearable so I didn’t do anything about it.  I figured I’d ask the dentist at my next check up.  Unfortunately this week the pain became a bit more extreme.  I figured it was time to go in when my jaw and ear started hurting too.  Not to mention when I wiggled the tooth with my tongue it became even more noticeable.

After the last dental clinic fiasco (which I didn’t blog about, but it was seriously miserable) I decided to switch dentists.  They got me an appointment right away even though I didn’t ask them to.

So the hygienist asks me what the problem is, and I explain that I am having tooth pain and tell her where.  X-rays are taken.  Dentist comes in, looks over the x-rays, and starts asking questions.  How does it hurt?  How long has it hurt?  What kind of pain?  Have you injured it?  She requestioned me, and I started to think she didn’t believe me.  Finally she tells me what is going on.  She says, “There is absolutely nothing visibly wrong with your tooth.  You have no decay.  Your tooth is fine.”  I say, “Well, then, please tell me why it hurts!”

So, she puts something on my tooth and says “Tell me when you feel this.”  I just sit there.  She says “You can’t feel that?  You really cannot feel that?”  I say “No, what am I supposed to feel?”  She puts it on another tooth starting to repeat the “Tell me when you feel this” statement, but before she can do so, I’ve already said “I feel that! I feel that!”

She says “Hhmm, interesting.  Well, you seem to have something called spontaneous tooth death”

What?  I didn’t know there was such a thing?!?!  There is seriously nothing wrong with my tooth, but it is as dead as a doornail and has an abscess underneath.  And, somehow my brain kept saying “Fix the abscess, tooth goes back to normal.”  But she assures me that it is dead and it is going to stay dead.  LOL.  So, full course of antibiotics for me, and another appointment next week.  If the pain goes away with the clearing of the abscess, I can keep my tooth as is.  If the pain stays, I need the full root canal and crown.  I vote for the pain to leave please!

Apparently I could have gotten some pretty good drugs, but since I refuse to use them anyhow, I told her not to bother writing the perscription.  I figure I can get through anything for a week.

2 thoughts on “Who knew?

  1. Oh, you are brave to fight toothache without drugs, good for you! Good Luck, hopefully, it resolves with medicine alone.

  2. Ok ready for this……hubby and I had the same problem during the same time……he and I swear we are truly one.

    Ok here is what happen…….my pain didn’t go away so I opted to have the tooth pulled because it was in the far back. Hubby opted for the root canal and crown…crown fell off twice and last friday he ended up having the tooth pull; his tooth also a molar but not as far back as mine. Now we both have appointment to have an implants. We have to pay the first 500 but then our insurance will pick up the rest. Otherwise we would be going toothless.

    The dentist is so expensive…….root canals are not cheap and crowns are not cheap either.

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